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We want to recognize you, when adding your nickname to the game, please add your company name or acronym, and your name, so we can identify you. You can enter up to 15 characters to create your nickname. For example, Honda Gonda or HAM-Gonda

Go to and enter the Game PIN # 0447045 Vaya a e ingrese el PIN del juego #07404630

June 2021 Trivia Winners

May 2021 Trivia Winners

APRIL 2021 Trivia Winners

Khalid Algharably –
Aisin – Michigan

Kevin Turner –
MPP (Madison Precision Products) – Indiana

Darby Watkins from NK Parts – Sidney, OH

Arlette Carranza Ochoa from Parker Corporation Mexicana

Luis Fernando Loera Lopez – from Parker Corporation

Kaitlyn Hawkins – from New South Express