What is CAN?

What we do…

The Honda North America Circle Assistance¬†Network (HNA CAN) was originally established in 1994 as a division of Honda Purchasing’s Supplier Support Team. It began as a means of promoting the Honda Way of actively seeking input from associates on the production through a problem solving program styled after the Honda NH Circle program.

To promote involvement and participation, competition conferences were established and have been held in the spring and fall each year at different sites across North America. More recently, CAN has expanded its role to include promotion, support, and training in many different areas of associate involvement and engagement.

Today CAN is a robust peer-to-peer group of supplier representatives committed to continuous improvement through associate engagement. To become a member of this exciting and rewarding group, read on.

To qualify as a CAN Member

  • Your company must be a Honda supplier
  • Your company has already started, or is interested in starting, an associate involvement/engagement program
  • Your company is willing to host a regional quarterly CAN meeting (a 1-day event that includes a tour of your company’s facility; approximately one meeting every 3-5 years at your facility)
  • Your company is willing to provide program participation numbers on a quarterly basis
  • You are, or will be, the assigned leader (or designee) of your company’s associate involvement/engagement program
  • Your company will allow you to attend Honda-developed continuous improvement training workshops
  • Your company will allow you to attend/support CAN conferences, events and meetings
  • Honda asks that your company be willing to share your best practices related to associate involvement and engagement with Honda and other Honda suppliers

The benefits of being a CAN Member

  • No/Low-cost circle and facilitation training (Quarterly Meetings and Conferences)
    • Program facilitator development
    • Team-based problem solving/project management, QC Tools training, etc.
  • Benchmarking/Networking opportunities with peer organizations
  • Program start-up/revitalization support
  • Honda-hosted team competition/recognition

Apply for Membership

If you meet the requirements and your company leadership is committed to continuous improvement through associate involvement and engagement, click on the button below to begin the registration process and WELCOME to our team!!


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